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Transactional Funding Loan Provider

100% Transactional Funding


We can turn your deal in 24 hours or less


Only pay if your deal closes


Includes purchase price and closing costs

Transactional Funding Loan Terms

  • We fund 100% of the transaction with no out of pocket at closing for our customers
  • There are no upfront fees and no other fees if the transaction does not close
  • 1.5% Fee or a minimum of $1,500 to be paid at closing
  • 24 hour loan up to 48 hours in certain situations
  • Same day funding is available for repeat customers
  • No income or credit requirements
  • End buyers funds must be at title company
  • Disbursement of Buyer's funds must be authorized before Seller's funding

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    There are no up-front fees with our transactional funding program, and we can close your deal on a very short notice! We will fund 100% of the entire purchase price and closing costs. Our clients come to the table with no money down!
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    We Specialize in Loans for Texas House Flippers and Wholesalers

    What is transactional funding?

    ​Transactional Funding is a short term loan provided to a property wholesaler who purchases and quickly re-sells a property the same day. ​This is often referred to as a Double Closing. The seller of the property is typically called Party A. The wholesaler is typically called Party B. The end buyer of the property is typically called Party C. Transactional Funding deals are also sometimes called A to B and B to C transactions.

    When is Transactional Funding Needed?

    Wholesalers use our Transactional Funding Service for three basic reasons:

    1. They have a contract that is not assignable to a third party. This is typical when purchasing properties off MLS, bank owned properties, or properties owned by government entities such as HUD, FHA, VA or Fannie Mae.
    2. The wholesaler is choosing not to assign the contract in order to maximize their wholesale markup. Many times an end buyer will not purchase a property if the assignment fee is too high. You do not have to disclose your contract details to the end buyer when you utilize our Transactional Funding service.​
    3. When a wholesaler uses transactional funding it allows the Seller to perceive them as the end buyer, or cash buyer at the closing table.