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Loan Servicing

Loan Servicing

Cedar Top Lending offers mortgage loan servicing options in the State of Texas. We handle servicing for both large and small investors.  We are a servicer of choice for borrowers with wrap loans that want to be sure that underlying mortgages are paid as agreed.

We offer competitive pricing and many ways for a borrower to submit their loan payments on time.  We accept checks, money orders, and ACH on-time or recurring payments and all is handled through our web interface.  Our web portal also posts secure information online for both lender and borrower to view loan status, recent postings, and portfolio management. Our software allows us to update your loan information in real time, and our online Lender Portal is available to you 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

What We Offer

  • Real-time account information for both Lender and Borrower
  • Credit Reporting
  • Multiple payment and disbursement options including automatic withdrawal and deposit and web payments
  • Payment Accounting and Processing
  • Monthly Statements
  • We are the Borrower’s Primary Point of Contact
  • Timely Distribution of Investor Funds
  • IRS reporting
  • Insurance and Property Tax Disbursement
  • Escrow Analysis
  • Late Payment Notifications
  • Less Hassle and Headaches for Our Customers

What We Need to Start

  • Promissory Note
  • Deed of Trust
  • Closing Disclosure or HUD-1
  • Transfer of Lien (if applicable)
  • Allonge to Promissory Note
  • Truth-in-Lending
  • Sales Contract
  • 1003 or Borrower Application
  • W-9
  • First Payment Letter
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Tax Certificate
  • Insurance and Property Tax Escrow Details

Ready for us to service your loan?

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Fill out our loan servicing inquiry form with general details.

Servicing Agreement

Our team will prepare a servicing agreement to handle your loan.

Submit Loan Documents

Upload the required loan documents to our portal.

Loan Types We Service

Owner Finance Note Servicing​

By allowing a professional “third party” servicer to take care of the collection, the borrower treats the payments as a business transaction instead of a personal issue.

Wrap Loan Servicing​

A wrap-around mortgage is a home loan that allows the seller to maintain their existing mortgage while the buyer’s mortgage “wraps” around the existing amount owed.

Private Lender Loan Servicing​

Cedar Top offers loan servicing for the private money lender. Let us take care of the day to day collections so you can focus on bringing in new business.

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